Useful web3 libraries for your next react native project

react native web3 library

In the realm of Web3 app development, leveraging React Native along with purposeful libraries is key to crafting efficient and dynamic applications. React Native, being a popular framework, offers versatility in creating cross-platform applications, especially in the Web3 domain, where decentralized applications (dApps) thrive. To optimize your development process and enhance the functionality of your Web3 dApps, here are some invaluable React Native libraries you should consider integrating:

1. ethers.js – Seamless Ethereum Interaction

For seamless interactions with the Ethereum blockchain, ethers.js stands as a robust library. It simplifies complex operations, facilitating tasks like sending transactions, managing wallets, and interacting with smart contracts. Its concise API and well-documented functionality make it an ideal choice for Web3 app developers seeking efficiency and reliability in Ethereum-based projects.

2. web3-react – Flexible Web3 Integrations

web3-react is a versatile library providing a flexible framework for integrating Web3 functionality into React applications. It offers an abstraction layer, enabling easy switching between different Web3 providers like MetaMask, WalletConnect, or custom providers. This library streamlines the process of connecting your React Native app to various Ethereum networks, ensuring adaptability and ease of use.

3. react-native-crypto – Cryptographic Operations

When dealing with cryptographic operations within Web3 applications, react-native-crypto becomes indispensable. This library offers cryptographic functionalities, enabling secure handling of sensitive data, encryption, decryption, and hashing operations. Integrating this library strengthens the security aspects of your Web3 dApps, ensuring data privacy and integrity.

4. react-native-keychain – Secure Credential Storage

Securing user credentials is paramount in Web3 app development. react-native-keychain provides a reliable solution for securely storing sensitive information, such as private keys or access tokens. Leveraging device-specific secure storage mechanisms, this library ensures data protection, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.

5. react-native-web3 – Bridging Web3 and React Native

For a streamlined connection between React Native and Web3 technologies, react-native-web3 serves as an essential bridge. It facilitates communication between React Native components and Ethereum networks, enabling seamless integration of Web3 functionality into your mobile applications.


Embracing these React Native libraries empowers developers to build robust and feature-rich Web3 applications. With a focus on efficiency, security, and seamless integration, leveraging these libraries streamlines the development process and enhances the functionality of Web3 dApps. Incorporating these tools into your development toolkit ensures a smoother journey in creating innovative and impactful Web3 applications.

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