Understanding React Native Chat SDK and Its Features

React native SDK

The name React Native is not unheard for anyone in the mobile application and framework industry. The language has emerged as the most successful cross-platform framework in the last two years.

According to Statista, around 42% of software developers are using it, which is more than any other framework, including the famous Flutter, Cordova, and even Apache flex.

And the best part, this framework also has a support chat SDK. You can use this kit to add a custom chat or messaging feature for any React Native environment. It also offers decent compatibility and API to interact with most of your applications.

Let’s dive a little deeper and learn more about React Native chat SDK and its benefits in creating or running messaging apps.

What is React Native chat SDK?

SDK or the Software Development Kit, in layman terms, is a collection of tools that a developer can use to create software. The kit usually consists of multiple libraries, documentation, sample codes, and some processing tools.

In terms of React Native, a chat SDK is a set of files and programs that you can use to embed chatting options in your application. The kit includes a file that decides the behavior of the chat app, its interface, and its customizability. The files also impact the compactness and the file types you can send over the app.

The developers can use SDK and their sample codes as a base for their messaging feature. They can customize it to handle the traffic, engage the audience, answer their queries and even interact with them. The latest SDKs also have options for direct audio or video calls when required.

And with new platforms developing extensions and libraries for React Natives, the possibilities are just endless. There are also options like Dappros that can offer customized white-label React Native apps and integrations for your projects.

You can also contact them for real-time communication solutions. They have almost every feature that you can expect from a messaging app. You can also take advantage of their community to learn more about the cross-platform framework.

Why Choose React Native SDK for Your Chat App?

The wide application of React natives makes it clear that the platform is better than most similar platforms. It can offer you better support, more options, and a large set of extensions for your work. Not to mention it’s much easier to use the platform with all those sample codes and guides in its development kits.

And if you think that’s not enough, check out the following list of features that the platform offers.

Flexible Conversations

The SDK and its library don’t restrict your freedom to add members to a chat app or conversation. The app, developed using this SDK, enables both one-on-one and group conversation.

You can also choose your privacy level of the chats. You can leave the conversation public, make it private, and even set a password for it.


The biggest benefit of this open-source Facebook development platform is its security features. The development kit comes with advanced encryption algorithms that prevent misuse of your data. It encrypts every message you or your users send.

In simpler words, you can enable end-to-end encryption in-app developed using this development kit.

Real-Time Features

Almost every chat app needs to have a real-time communication feature to ensure proper engagement. The React Native chat SDK offers great flexibility for this part. You can use it to enable message notifications, online presence indicators, typing indicators, read indicators, and much more.

It also has support for attachment like GIF pictures and other rich media. And of course, there is an option for introducing calls into the chat apps. The framework is compatible with both voice and video calling. You can also consider it for conference calls, both audio and video.


If you plan to use messenger for business, you need full-time communicational features. You are required to enable real-time engagement features in your application. And the chat SDK comes with advanced options for it.

You can employ the framework to create bots that can interact with your customers on your behalf. The chat app also comes packed with emojis and smart reply features to enhance your RTE feature.


The API and library that come with the chat SDK make it flexible for almost every major development platform. The team keeps on innovating new plug-in to increase the compatibility of your chat app. There are extensions for connecting external services, push notifications, and even sentimental analysis. It’s also compatible with platforms like Github that are popular for app development.

And the note-worthy thing is that the available extensions are not the limit. You are free to create a new extension using the hooks available. You can also connect with third-party providers like Dappros to provide you with the required extensions.

Their adept and experienced professionals will make it certain that your chat app works the way you want and supports the features you need. They will also help with solving issues regarding your development project.


The React Native chat SDK doesn’t limit your personalization capacities. The platform allows you to use any type of UI depending on your chat app.

In simpler words, you are free to use something like a giftedchat UI or go for a completely new design. It’s all your choice.

Advanced Indicators

The message indicators are not a new thing for chat apps. Many apps, including the popular Instagram and Facebook messenger, use this feature. The feature lets you react to a received message with an emoji. It’s not important from a business view as it won’t affect app performance.

However, the feature adds personalization to the application. The react to text option, along with emojis and stickers, enhances the comfort and interactivity level of the app. Most chat app development kits include these features nowadays.

The React Native chat SDK also allows you to add a reaction picker that entitles users to select the best emojis for a reaction.

User Support

The React Native-based chat apps are on the rise, and every other company is looking to invest in them. There is also a huge number of SDK, libraries, and UI sets that you get for it.

And with such a large community, user support is easier to get. There are multiple forums and communities you can join to learn about the new features coming. You can also get support from the dedicated team of React Native or the backend services company you used.

Final Words

The success of React Native is no secret. The platform has excelled at a rate that was unimaginable before. It has provided users with options, flexibility, and a large room for creativity. Its SDK further enhances these features.

The open-source platform provides a way for both the app users and creators to connect. They can use the kit to make any type of chat app to meet the market needs. The platform is simply powerful enough to make an app with the features of high-end products like WhatsApp with ease.

Last but not least, they are future-ready. You can use the API that makes the chat apps optimal for the XMPP standards. It means you can employ the development platform for apps that can connect with living standard technology like IoT.

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